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This is a listing of pages on this site that just don't easily fit into our main categories.

The Poetics of Steel: Sunlight and Subway‎
An artistic photo essay by Tenryu Shin. First added to the site in 1996, it was without a home among our categories for many years. With apologies to Tenryu, it is back online.

New York City Subway Fan Trips/Museum Train Events List

World Trade Center Views
Photos from our collection that feature the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

WPA Federal Writers Project
Two articles from the WPA Federal Writer's Project ("Subway Stuff: Folktalk" and "Living Folklore Among Transport Workers").

NYCT Publications
A variety of NYCT publications from the 1950s-1960s including Annual Reports and an issue of "Transit" Magazine.

Nycsubway.org Press Mentions
The site got some writeup in the press when the World Wide Web was still a novelty.

NXSYS, Signalling and Interlocking Simulator
This program by Bernard Greenberg includes two sample interlockings, demonstrating switching and signalling functions of the NYC Subway. An extensive helpfile documents and explains all NYC signalling features. Available or 32-Bit Microsoft Windows (i.e., Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT4). Visit the site for more info and ZIP files for download.

Subway Books and Videos

Subway Bibliography
A list of books covering general history, rolling stock, political and social issues, art, architecture, graffiti culture, etc. Also a short list of books covering other cities.

Subway Movies and Documentaries
Includes Hollywood films, documentaries, TV episodes, and railfan videos featuring the subway.


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