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To add on to the post below, there's a slideshow of some of the new 1960s-era images I've been getting off Ebay: click here for the slideshow. Also, I'm looking around for newer/better slideshow code.

Also... I guess I never put anything on the site about it but if you're looking for social media, there's a Fans of nycsubway.org group on Facebook.

Posted on 10/01/2020

Been a long time...

Welcome to nycsubway.org - born in 1995, one of the largest New York City Subway history and fan sites on the web.

Regular visitors have probably noticed that there haven't been many updates over the past few years. Our pages about subway stations, rolling stock, and, especially, the pages about transit systems around the world, have become somewhat stale. Free (and paid) photo hosting, social media, and (especially) Wikipedia have outstripped one webmaster's ability to keep up.

The redesigned main page has links that will help you navigate nycsubway.org's content and highlight its strengths vs. what you can now find on social media sites and Wikipedia. Some other recent updates:

  • Lots of new images from the 1960s and the 1980s
  • Subway Art Guide revamped; now sortable by station, line, and year of installation; missing entries added (but some still need photos)
  • Wind-down of the "virtual host" bus.nycsubway.org (bus content and caption database integrated with main site - see Bus Transportation)
  • All content now being served SSL/https (this is why it looks like all the pages were recently updated)
  • Various script/code and cosmetic fixes

And finally, if you're reading this, you know the blog is back. It was broken by a MediaWiki software update in 2017.

Posted on 09/29/2020

Second Avenue Subway Phase I Opens

The first phase of the Second Avenue Subway finally opened on 1/1/2017. After some previews for press and invited guests, including a New Year's Eve party, the first three stations, at 96th Street, 86th Street, and 72nd Street opened for service at 12:00 noon on New Year's Day. Lots of press coverage is available online; the New York Times covered the opening and the first business day's operations. Thanks to Aahd Tahar for updating our route map.

Posted on 01/04/2017

New York's Subway Art, Decades in the Making

The New York Times profiles author Philip Ashforth Coppola and his Silver Connections book series in this article, One Man’s Opus to New York’s Subway Art, Decades in the Making. Philip has been painstakingly sketching the tile artwork and other station decoration of New York's subway since 1978. I was unaware of this until now, but Philip used my photo of 18th Street on the original IRT to do the corresponding sketches, as he had never been in this abandoned station. Awesome! :-)

Posted on 10/07/2015

New OSX Version of NXSYS Interlocking Simulator

The developer has released a new version of NXSYS, Signalling and Interlocking Simulator for the Apple Mac OSX operating system. NXSYS/Mac is a port of NXSYS Version 2 which allows for unrestricted two-dimensional track and panel layouts and comes with four sample interlockings: Version 2 ports of Progman St. and Islington from Version 1, and full implementations of two actual fairly complex New York City interlockings, Atlantic Avenue on the IRT (Division A) and Broadway-Myrtle on the BMT (Division B). Full HTML documentation of the new Macintosh features as well as a thorough upgrading of the extensive Version 1 helpfile are included. (The Microsoft Windows release of NXSYS Version 2 is not ready yet).

Posted on 11/17/2014

Contributions from Transit Historian Brian J. Cudahy

Noted transit historian (and frequent contributor of photos to this website) Brian J. Cudahy has contributed several articles, including Me and the BMT, A Memoir, West of Hudson Passenger Terminals, and a railfan's-eye view of London Main Line Rail operations (no great detail but handy for a visitor). All are illustrated with his own photographs. Brian is the author of several books of New York City rapid transit history, notably Under the Sidewalks of New York, A Century of Subways: Celebrating 100 Years of New York's Underground Railways, and a volume about the infamous Malbone Street Wreck. "Me and the BMT, A Memoir" is less scholarly and more his personal recollections of growing up riding the BMT in Brooklyn. Thanks go out to Brian for letting nycsubway.org host this work!

Posted on 08/27/2012

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