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(image 160316)

Photo by: John Dooley

(image 160303)

Photo by: John Dooley

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Photo by: John Dooley

(image 160311)

Photo by: John Dooley

(image 160313)

Photo by: John Dooley

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New Coverage of New Streetcars

Thanks to long-time contributor Peter Ehrlich, we now have descriptions and photographs of three streetcar systems that opened in the last few years: Oklahoma City, El Paso, and Milwaukee. Peter has more in the pipeline so keep checking!

Posted on 11/24/2022

R-211T Open Gangway Test Train Arrives

The first R-211T Open Gangway train is on the NYC Transit property and ready to begin testing in the near future. Cars 4040-4044 arrived November 2, and cars 4045-4049 arrived November 16, 2022. Twenty such cars were ordered to test the feasibility of open gangway cars in New York City. Such trains are common in European metro fleets but haven't been tried in New York since the BMT's pre-war triplex and multiunit articulated trains. The R-211T trains will not be articulated (meaning, two cars sharing a single truck), but will have an open connection with an accordion-shaped rubber gasket between the cars, allowing passengers to walk freely between the cars of a five-car set.

Posted on 11/17/2022

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Five Random New York Transit Images

(image 133359)

Photo by: John Dooley
Location: Neck Road

(image 31090)

Photo by: Zach Summer
Location: Avenue U

(image 1861)

Photo by: Sidney Keyles
Location: New York Transit Museum

(image 26142)

Photo by: Steve Hoskins
Collection of: David Pirmann
Location: East New York Yard/Shops

(image 66995)

Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Chambers Street

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