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The Last Five Newest Images

(image 158872)

Photo by: Armand I.
Location: Clifton Yard/Shops

(image 158863)

Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Park Place

(image 158862)

Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Park Place

(image 158866)

Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Franklin Avenue

(image 158867)

Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Franklin Avenue

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To add on to the post below, there's a slideshow of some of the new 1960s-era images I've been getting off Ebay: click here for the slideshow. Also, I'm looking around for newer/better slideshow code.

Also... I guess I never put anything on the site about it but if you're looking for social media, there's a Fans of nycsubway.org group on Facebook.

Posted on 10/01/2020

Been a long time...

Welcome to nycsubway.org - born in 1995, one of the largest New York City Subway history and fan sites on the web.

Regular visitors have probably noticed that there haven't been many updates over the past few years. Our pages about subway stations, rolling stock, and, especially, the pages about transit systems around the world, have become somewhat stale. Free (and paid) photo hosting, social media, and (especially) Wikipedia have outstripped one webmaster's ability to keep up.

The redesigned main page has links that will help you navigate nycsubway.org's content and highlight its strengths vs. what you can now find on social media sites and Wikipedia. Some other recent updates:

  • Lots of new images from the 1960s and the 1980s
  • Subway Art Guide revamped; now sortable by station, line, and year of installation; missing entries added (but some still need photos)
  • Wind-down of the "virtual host" bus.nycsubway.org (bus content and caption database integrated with main site - see Bus Transportation)
  • All content now being served SSL/https (this is why it looks like all the pages were recently updated)
  • Various script/code and cosmetic fixes

And finally, if you're reading this, you know the blog is back. It was broken by a MediaWiki software update in 2017.

Posted on 09/29/2020

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Historical Material

rightarr.gifEarly Rapid Transit In New York
rightarr.gifThe First Subway
rightarr.gifThe Dual Contracts
rightarr.gifThe Independent Subway
rightarr.gifRecent New York Transit History


rightarr.gifThe New York Subway: Its Construction and Equipment (1904)
rightarr.gifThe Interborough Subway (Historic American Engineering Record)
rightarr.gifNew Subways for New York: The Dual System of Rapid Transit (1913)
rightarr.gifThe New York Rapid Transit Railway Extensions (1914)
rightarr.gifHistory of the Independent Subway
rightarr.gifNew York City Transit Authority 1970s
rightarr.gifNew York City Transit Authority 1980s
rightarr.gifThey Moved The Millions
rightarr.gif63rd Street Tunnel and the Second Avenue Subway

The Photo Collection

The large image collection can be viewed in a number of ways.

rightarr.gifNewest Images
rightarr.gifImages From Today's Date in History

Photos are arranged by rolling stock type here:

rightarr.gifCurrent Fleet
rightarr.gifRetired Fleet
rightarr.gifWork Cars and Locomotives

Photos are arranged by location here:

rightarr.gifLine By Line Guide
rightarr.gifAbandoned and Disused Stations
rightarr.gifSubway Art Guide

Other Material

rightarr.gifCustom Route Map
rightarr.gifTrack Maps
rightarr.gifHistorical Maps
rightarr.gifSubway Signalling
rightarr.gifBus Transportation

Five Random New York Transit Images

(image 69703)

Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 21st Street/Queensbridge

(image 12298)

Photo by: Steve Zabel
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Intervale Avenue

(image 109003)

Photo by: Aliandro Brathwaite
Location: Rockaway Avenue

(image 130024)

Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 179th Street

(image 71723)

Photo by: Robert Mencher
Location: Coney Island Shop/Maint. & Inspection Shop

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