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We're proud to have been mentioned in the following fine publications!

10/7/2015: New York Times. A Treasury of Artwork in the Subway

8/4/2015: New York Times. A 9/11 Artifact Heads to Its New Home at Connecticut’s Shore Line Trolley Museum

8/19/2011: New York Times. Answers to Questions About New York City

5/28/2010: New York Times. The Subway Map Gets an Overhaul

8/13//2008: New York Times. A Bronx Artist’s Ode to Street Life, in Glass

1/8/2008: New York Times. No. 3 Train From Times Square to New Lots Ave.

9/23/2007: New York Times. Subway Sightseeing

8/3/2007: New York Times. Beyond the Turnstile

11/30/2004: www.nycsubway.org won a place in the Exploratorium's Ten Cool Sites Award for educational excellence for November 2004. The Exploratorium is a hands-on science museum in San Francisco, CA.

10/10//2004: New York Times. New York's Subway: That Engineering Marvel Also Had Architects

3/28/2004: New York Times. 1904-2004; Paging Dr. Zizmor. Some trivia about the subway's first hundred years.

12/21/2003: New York Times. F.Y.I. "The Longest Ride"., by George Robinson. "For an excellent collection of subway statistics, you can go to Subway FAQ: Facts and Figures, which is part of the wonderful www.nycsubway.org Web site, a product of entirely volunteer labor."

05/13/2003: New York Times. They're Subway Experts. Take Their Word on What's Ugly., by Randy Kennedy. Nomination of Chambers Street (BMT) as the ugliest subway station in the system.

01/21/2003: New York Times. Next Stop, Twilight Zone (aka 76th Street Station). Randy Kenndy's Tunnel Vision column explores the mystery of the 76th St. station but offers no conclusive proof for or against its existence.

10/16/2001: New York Times. Fearing Something in the Subway Air, Beyond the Odor

10/12/2000: NASA - Earth Observatory Magazine. Adapting to Climate Change. A photo from the site ran accompanying this article in NASA's magazine.

07/23/2000: New York Times. Smitten by the subway. They know every lug nut, every mosaic, every curve in the tracks, by Randy Kennedy. Ran in the City section only. Interviews with several well known (relatively speaking) subway fans including some SubTalkers.

1/9/2000: New York Times. All About Transit, Not Only for Buffs

01/08/1999: New York Times. Next Stop: Subway's Past, by Andrae Aciman. Not actually a mention, but three photographs from the Disused Stations: 91st St. section accompanied the article.

08/09/1998: New York Times. If Your One-Track Mind Runs on the IRT.

08/09/1998: New York Times. New York Online: An Obsessive Guide to the Subways, by Bernard Stamler. "What you see: New York City Subway Resources trades mainly in nostalgia and in subway minutiae. What you get: A subway buff's dream."

11/09/1997: New York Post. The Hole Story.

08/25/1997: WCBS Newsradio 88. New York City's subway - and then some (Internet Minute daily selection.)

03/31/1997: Christian Science Monitor. Back on Track In New York

03/10/1997: News in Education Online. Planes, trains, and automobiles ("train lovers will be intrigued").

11/22/1996: New York Times. F.Y.I.: Track Action, by Daniel B. Schneider.

11/17/1996: New York Times. Subway Planners' Lofty Ambitions Are Buried as Dead-End Curiosities/A Subway Tour of What Might Have Been, by Douglas Martin.

11/14/1996: New York Times. Hyperwocky: Every Little Thing's Gonna Be All Right!, by Lisa Napoli. A slice-of-life article with a link to our page about the 86th St. Station on the West Side IRT.

09/27/1996: Boston Globe. Graffiti artists - and cops - on the 'Net.

09/08/1996: New York Post. Big Apple in Little Bytes (Lists five useful reference sites about New York City, including the Metropolitan Museum, New York Public Library, and nycsubway.org!)

08/27/1996: Village Voice. Cybercorner.

08/11/1996: New York Times. Give Me Your Wired: New York On Line, by Eric Asimov. "A striking set of color pictures taken in the abandoned stations and an astoundingly detailed history of the city's subway, its various cars, maps and related regional transit topics."

08/01/1996: PC Computing. Bookmarks of the Rich and Famous: Steven Spielberg.

08/01/1996: Yahoo! Internet Life. Incredibly Useful Sites.

07/15/1996: New York Times. Digital Metropolis: 350 Years of New York History Enshrined in an Infant Medium, by Jason Chervokas and Tom Watson.

03/18/1996: Interactive Week. The Site Is Up And The Server Is Down, by George Vernadakis. A survey of New York City-related web sites. The title of the article is a parody of a line from the musical On the Town, the next line of which happens to be "The people ride in a hole in the ground".

02/26/1996: Garrison Keillor's Writers' Almanac. Writer's Almanac for Feb. 26, 1996.

12/01/1995: Chronicle of Higher Education. Delighting in New York's Love-Hate Relationship with the A Train, by Lawrence Biemiller. "A New York City Subway Resources site on the World- Wide Web offers all kinds of details..."

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