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Baltimore Subway train at Milford Mill, June 2007. Photo by Bob Vogel.


The Baltimore Subway opened in three phases.

  • November 21, 1983, eight statons, 7.6 miles, between Charles Center and Reisterstown Plaza
  • July 20, 1987, three stations, 6.1 miles, west of Reisterstown Plaza, Milford Mill to Owings Mills
  • May 31, 1995, two stations, 1.6 miles, east of Charles Center, Shot Tower/Market Place to Johns Hopkins Hospital

Eight of the fourteen stations, and 6.2 miles of track, are underground, the rest at surface or on elevated structure. Part of the line runs in the median of I-795 to Owings Mills.


Unit Numbers Manufacturer Years
100-171 Transit-America (Budd) 1982-83
172-199 Transit-America (Budd) 1986-87

Cars 100-171 are from 208-car joint order placed in conjunction with Metro-Dade Transportation Administration (for the Miami Metro). Cars 172-199 are 28 cars of option to original order. Cars paired consecutively 100/101 through 198/199. The main yard is located at the "Wabash Division" Rail Maintenance Facility, which opened for operations in late 1982.

  • Length:, 75 feet
  • Width: 10 feet, 2 inches
  • Weight: 76,000 lbs. (A-car); 75,000 lbs. (B-car)
  • Height: 12 feet, 3 inches
  • Seated load: 76
  • Crush load: 275
  • Maxumum speed: 70 MPH
  • Control: Westinghouse Chopper
  • Air-conditioned and heated, thermostatically-controlled interiors.
  • Digital side signs, automatically controlled roller curtain in front.
  • Station platforms are 6 cars in length.

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Image 32241

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Photo by: Chris Sharrett
Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Image 32243

(60k, 820x620)
Photo by: Chris Sharrett
Location: Johns Hopkins Hospital

Image 72805

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Photo by: Bob Vogel
Location: Milford Mill

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Photo by: Bob Vogel

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Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: Lexington Market

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Photo locations: Johns Hopkins Hospital, Shot Tower/Market Place, Charles Center, Lexington Market, State Center, Upton, Penn North, Mondawmin, West Cold Spring, Rogers Avenue, Reisterstown Plaza, Milford Mill, Old Court, Owings Mills, (Misc/Unknown)

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