BMT Canarsie Line Car Delivery

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In 1924, the BMT Canarsie line subway construction had progressed from 6th Avenue in Manhattan to Montrose Avenue in Brooklyn. As this section was totally isolated from the rest of the system, subway cars were delivered via a temporary ramp at Montrose Ave. and Bushwick Ave. in Brooklyn. A short temporary track ran on Montrose Ave. to the LIRR Bushwick Yard. The first of the cars were delivered by this ramp on June 18, 1924. Passenger service began on September 21, 1924. All photos on this page courtesy Frank Pfhuler.

Ramp from Montrose Ave into LIRR Montrose Yard at Bushwick Place.
View east on Montrose Ave toward Bushwick Place.
Rear view of car at top of ramp, northeast corner of Montrose & Bushwick.
View west on Montrose toward Bushwick, temporary track leads to LIRR Bushwick Yard. Building behind subway construction on right still exists.
View north on Bushwick Ave toward Montrose - planking over subway construction. LIRR Bushwick yard to the right down Montrose Ave.
Top of ramp at northeast corner of Bushwick & Montrose.
Top of the ramp at Montrose Ave.
View from middle of ramp at Bushwick & Montrose.
Inside the subway tunnel looking north (west) at car coming down ramp.
Inside the subway near Montrose Ave. station.

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