Station: Wyckoff Avenue (Myrtle Avenue Line)

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BMT Myrtle Avenue Line

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Opened: 12/19/1889

Transfer here to: BMT Canarsie Line

This interesting station has two island platforms with two side tracks and a gap in the middle which once was a third trackway, now railed off. In the center of the station the two island platforms are joined into one wide platform with two stairways down to the mezzanine. After the stairs the center of the platform turns to wood for a brief section before ending and we once again have two island platforms. A look over the rail revealed a section of concrete cross ties for a third trackway. A passageway leads to a long escalator to descend to the BMT Canarsie line. A close observation reveals evidence where street stairs from this level were removed and this mezzanine reduced in size. After leaving this station the line narrows to two tracks.

More on the third track mystery, from a Transit Museum tour of the area hosted by Joe Cunningham: This stretch of the line was originally built as two tracks and the third track was added later, but the center track was never used in service. It ran from Broadway/Myrtle to Myrtle/Wyckoff where the line became two tracks. Myrtle/Wyckoff was originally two isalnd platforms. When the center track was finally removed in 1946, pipe railings were put to prevent falls where the center track used to be. Eventually, wooden planking was placed in the space to make one extra wide island platform. The wood is rotting and is being replaced again by pipe railings.


From Earth To Sky, Cadence Giersbach (2007). Located in the transfer between "L" and "M" trains.

Photo Gallery

Image 2123
(206k, 1024x656)
Photo by: Joe Testagrose
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 43568
(201k, 1024x773)
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 64121
(130k, 660x402)
Photo by: John Urbanski
Location: Myrtle/Wyckoff Headhouse/Transfer
Artwork: From Earth To Sky (Cadence Giersbach)

Image 64405
(123k, 820x622)
Photo by: Bill E.
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 68324
(171k, 800x600)
Photo by: Robert Marrero
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 73952
(249k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 80337
(181k, 1044x706)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 80750
(228k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 81152
(235k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Christopher Henderson
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 84924
(207k, 705x1044)
Photo by: Filip Matuska
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 90477
(223k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Chris Reidy
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 90723
(383k, 1044x699)
Photo by: John Barnes
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 108991
(172k, 1044x596)
Photo by: David Tropiansky
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 133844
(351k, 1024x687)
Photo by: Wilfredo Castillo
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

Image 144456
(297k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Brian J. Cudahy
Location: Wyckoff Avenue

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