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Station: Parkside Avenue (Brighton Line)

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R-40 4437 on "B" service at Parkside Avenue. Photo by: David Pirmann, August 2008.

BMT Brighton Line
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Opened: 4/4/1905

From here to Coney Island, all the stations have crossovers or crossunders and common fare control for each direction. Parkside Avenue has been recently renovated with new wall tile, new lights and artwork in the mezzanine. The station is a two wall platform arrangement with the south end being inside a tunnel. There is a south high exit with no booth to Woodruff Road.


Brighton Clay Re-Leaf, Susan Tunick (1994)

Photo Gallery

Image 23927
(61k, 640x480)
Photo by: Brian Weinberg
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 28560
(248k, 1044x701)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 39082
(79k, 750x556)
Photo by: Gary Chatterton
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 39511
(137k, 640x480)
Photo by: Oren H.
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 42043
(164k, 1024x768)
Photo by: Jeremy Whiteman
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 49051
(224k, 1024x671)
Photo by: Harry Pinsker
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 50696
(204k, 1044x788)
Photo by: John Barnes
Location: Parkside Avenue
Artwork: Brighton Clay Re-Leaf (Susan Tunick)

Image 69253
(267k, 1024x774)
Collection of: George Conrad Collection
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 69653
(198k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Roberto C. Tobar
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 85160
(327k, 705x1044)
Photo by: Filip Matuska
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 89651
(365k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 89663
(301k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David-Paul Gerber
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 109580
(227k, 1044x788)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 110407
(212k, 1044x676)
Photo by: Chao-Hwa Chen
Location: Parkside Avenue

Image 133156
(494k, 1044x700)
Photo by: Zach Summer
Location: Parkside Avenue

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