Station: Myrtle Avenue (Brighton Line)

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BMT Brighton Line
Manhattan Bridge · Myrtle Avenue


Opened: 1915 Closed: 1956

This station at Myrtle Avenue was part of the original Manhattan Bridge line and was open from 1915 to 1956. It was closed in order to facilitate rebuilding of the junctions north of DeKalb Ave. leading to and coming from the bridge. The southbound platform at Myrtle Ave. was demolished completely (some wall tile remains). The northbound platform is mostly intact and during the 1980s hosted an artwork installation similar to a flat "zoetrope" (a series of drawings behind slits that when you rode past in the train appeared to animate the drawings). The artist, Bill Brand, recently opened a web site describing this project, entitled Masstransiscope.


Masstransiscope, Bill Brand (1980)

Photo Gallery

Image 53337
(155k, 432x285)
Photo by: Martha Cooper
Collection of: Bill Brand
Location: Myrtle Avenue
Artwork: Masstransiscope (Bill Brand)

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