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Opened: 6/19/1899

Transfer here to: IND 8th Avenue/Fulton Street/Rockaway Line

1998 Observations. We are now shifted over to the west (southbound) track and enter Franklin Avenue, the last stop. The station has two side platforms but the "northbound" track here has had part of the rail removed, leaving a single track in place. All trains therefore use the "southbound" track. At one time a temporary wooden platform existed over the northbound trackway but this has long since been removed. The southbound track is blocked at a bumper about two and a half 75'-car lengths from the south end of the platform, leaving another two car lengths to the end of the platform and fare control. The station still has the original ornamental railings along the platform and fare control area. The fare control is at the north end of the station. Access to the street is via a crossover to the northbound platform and then via temporary stairs to the street. The station used to have an overpass from the fare control over Franklin and Fulton but this was removed as a prelude to the renovation of the line. Transfer can be made to the IND 8th Ave./Fulton Line by obtaining a paper Metrocard transfer, which is issued from a machine that resembles a bus farebox near the token booth. The transfer is good for twenty minutes only and can only be used to enter the IND station. The transfer Metrocard is swiped at the turnstile and is then useless (most are discarded all around the platform area, making quite a mess). The old paper transfers are used as a back-up system if the Metrocard dispenser is out of order.

1999 Observations. The north end fare control area has been rebuilt. On the east side, there is a soaring three-or-four story high atrium, with the fare control at street level 33 steps below. This area has frosted plexiglass windows and artwork in stained glass at platform level. An escalator is also present here. This area is brightly lit with sodium lights. We then have a choice of exiting to the street, or descending 33 steps to the IND Franklin Ave. station, Rockaway-bound side, via a free transfer (no more paper or Metrocard transfers required).

On the west side, there is a stained glass artwork, and a stairway down 24 steps to the bridge over Fulton Street. The bridge has enclosed sides (no glass), and after crossing Fulton Street we descend 60 steps to the IND Franklin Ave. station, Manhattan-bound side. There is no access to the street from the bridge or stairs. The north side of Fulton Street also has a direct entrance to the IND on the northeast corner.

The main fare control for the entire complex, therefore, is now at the base of the atrium, instead of at the Franklin Shuttle platform level (for the shuttle), and on each side of the Franklin Ave. IND station. The rebuilt station is fully ADA compliant and has four elevators tying it all together: One, from the street-level fare control to the shuttle atrium side; two, from the street-level fare control to the Rockaway-bound IND; three, from the street level fare control to the Fulton St. overpass level; four, from the Fulton St. overpass to the Manhattan-bound IND. Thanks to the reconstruction there is finally a crossover between the two directions of the IND. The old platform level fare control has been removed on the Rockaway-bound side, the area having been widened to allow the free flow of passengers to and from the shuttle (via the stairs and elevator). The Manhattan-bound side has also been widened, but a booth remains, allowing entry from the street without having to use the bridge.


Life and Continued Growth, Eric Pryor

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