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Station: Court Street (Fulton Street Subway)

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IND 8th Avenue/Fulton Street/Rockaway Line
Court Street


Opened: 4/9/1936 Closed: 1946

The Fulton Street Subway officially begins at the Court Street station, which now houses the New York Transit Museum. The Fulton Street line was built in a similar manner to the Manhattan subway lines where the local trains terminate in Manhattan and the express trains continue to Brooklyn (the IRT East Side, West Side, and IND 8th Avenue lines follow this pattern). Court Street initially served Fulton Street local trains, but these were quickly replaced by "HH" shuttle trains between Court St. and Hoyt/Schermerhorn. Even these were discontinued after a short time because Court St. is so close to many of the other downtown Brooklyn stations. Court St. was open for passengers only from 1936 to 1946, and it remained closed to the public until 1976 at which time the New York Transit Exhibit opened as part of the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations.

The photos on this page were taken on fan trips, etc. before the Transit Exhibit opened.

Photo Gallery

Image 1815
(143k, 1024x704)
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Court Street (Future Transit Museum)

Image 24060
(191k, 1024x702)
Photo by: Steve Zabel
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Court Street (Future Transit Museum)

Image 33663
(180k, 1024x693)
Photo by: Joe Testagrose
Location: Court Street (Future Transit Museum)

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