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Station: 6th Avenue (Canarsie Line)

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BMT Canarsie Line

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Opened: 9/21/1924

Transfer here to: IND 6th Avenue Line, IRT West Side Line, PATH Port Authority Trans-Hudson

6th Avenue station has an island platform with connections to both the IND 6th Avenue and IRT West Side/7th Avenue lines. This was the original Manhattan terminus of the Canarsie line from 1924 until 8th Avenue station was opened in 1931. A long corridor leads to the Seventh Avenue line, while a narrow, winding stair leads to the Sixth Avenue line. The main entrance has a modest mezzanine, which has a dimly-lit corridor leading down from it. This mezzanine appears to have extended further east towards Fifth Avenue, and may have had an entrance there, but this half has been sealed off; one stairway at the platform's east has been removed, and another has been replaced with a metal one, leading to what is now a storage area and ventilation room. Earthy tones of olive green, brown, ochre and tan augmented by light green and Copenhagen blue make up the mosaic band, which in some places at platform level is barely visible due to age, grime and electrical conduits. Powder blue and slate blue can also be seen in the mezzanine tile bands, some of which actually have symmetrical patterns. These bands show the colors as they originally were. Recent visits to the station have found the tile bands on the trackside walls revealing some of their original colors in spots as the result of patient cleaning, especially on the inbound side. However, there is still much work remaining to be done. The 6th Ave. station is approximately 40 feet below street level.


MTA Jewels, Jennifer Kotter (1993)

Photo Gallery

Image 1452
(91k, 744x500)
Photo by: Wayne Whitehorne
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 2999
(182k, 1024x668)
Photo by: Doug Grotjahn
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 3625
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Photo by: Trevor Logan
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 41330
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Photo by: DeAndre Burrell
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 46174
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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 68454
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Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 70766
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Photo by: Aliandro Brathwaite
Location: 6th Avenue

Image 70767
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Photo by: Aliandro Brathwaite
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Bill E.
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Roberto C. Tobar
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Brian J. Cudahy
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: 6th Avenue

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Photo by: Bill E.
Location: 6th Avenue

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