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IND 6th Avenue Line
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Opened: 1/1/1936

Two island platforms and four tracks. Tile band is purple with dark purple border, and no name tablet. Columns are concrete. The center of the platform has a huge concrete column with built-in benches. There is evidence of a removed center exit. The north exit (Houston St./Second Ave.) and mezzanine are very dim and despite leading to the station's namesake avenue is only open on a part-time basis. The south mezzanine (to First Ave.) has an intermediate level, with the fare control 8 steps up from this level, and is open full time.

The four tracks at 2nd Avenue were originally, but not now, the same four as at Broadway-Lafayette. A view of the area track map will illustrate this point. The center tracks at Broadway-Lafayette were connected to the two tracks of the Chrystie Street Connection coming north from the Grand Street Station and the Manhattan Bridge. The local tracks continue unbroken between Broadway-Lafayette and 2nd Avenue. The track in between the uptown local and express, now used by the connection from the Williamsburg Bridge was original construction, formerly used as a layup track. Presently the stumps of the express tracks at 2nd Avenue are tied to the local tracks and has a crossover just west of 2nd Avenue. This makes 2nd Avenue into a terminal station for short runs and it is planned that one route from the upper section of the The Second Avenue Subway line would end here. The center tracks continue behind the wall to about Avenue A. They would have continued to and under the East River as part of the IND Second System lines. Before the mid 1980s they were open and used for laying up trains from time to time, but they were quickly inundated by squatters who domiciled in the nooks and crannies of the tunnel. When they were cleared out by 1990 the tracks were closed off. Evidence of the provision for the Second Avenue Subway is found in a lower transverse ceiling across the platforms and the discontiguous mezzanines.

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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 2nd Avenue

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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 2nd Avenue

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Photo by: John Dooley
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Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: 2nd Avenue

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Photo by: John Dooley
Location: 2nd Avenue

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