The New York Subway: Appendix 1, Interborough Rapid Transit Company

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Interborough Rapid Transit Company

August BelmontJohn B. McDonaldWilliam. A. Read
E. P. BryanWalter G. OakmanAlfred Skitt
Andrew FreedmanJohn PierceCornelius Vanderbilt
James JourdanMorton F. PlantGeorge W. Young
Gardiner M. Lane

Executive Committee
August BelmontJames JourdanWilliam. A. Read
Andrew FreedmanWalter G. OakmanCornelius Vanderbilt

August Belmont, PresidentE.P. Bryan, Vice-President
H.M. Fisher, SecretaryD.W. McWilliams, Treasurer
E.F. Gaynor, AuditorFrank Hedley, General Superintendant
S.L.F. Deyo, Chief EngineerGeorge W. Wickersham, General Counsel
Chas. A. Gardiner, General AttorneyDeLancey Nicoll, Associate Counsel
Alfred A. Gardner, Associate Counsel

Engineering Staff
S.L.F. Deyo, Chief Engineer

Electrical Equipment
L. B. Stillwell, Electrical Director
H.N. Latey, Principal Assistant
Frederick R. Slater, Assistant Engineer in charge of Third Rail Construction
Albert F. Parks, Assistant Engineer in charge of Lighting
George G. Raymond, Assistant Engineer in charge of Conduits and Cables
William B. Flynn, Assistant Engineer in charge of Draughting Room
Mechanical and Architectural
J. Van Vleck, Mechanical and Construction Engineer
William N. Stevens, Ass't Mechanical Engineer
William C. Phelps, Assistant Construction Engineer
Paul C. Hunter, Architectural Assistant
Geo. E. Thomas, Supervising Engineer in Field
Cars and Signal System
George Gibbs, Consulting Engineer
Watson T. Thompson, Master Mechanic
J.N. Waldron, Signal Engineer

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