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R-32 car 3671 and mate in Coney Island Yard. Photo by David Pirmann, June 2004.


Designation Unit Numbers Manufacturer Years
R-32 3350-3649* Budd 1964
R-32A 3650-3949 Budd 1964
R-32 3348 (see note below) Budd 1964

  • Cab Arrangement: Half-width driving cab at "A" end, half-width conductor control cab at "B" end
  • Coupling/Numbering Arrangement: All married pairs.
  • Stainless steel
  • 60' long, 10' wide
  • 236 R32, 297 R32A cars rebuilt, 1988-1990, MK/GE
  • Mismatched pairs: 3348 & 3549 (3348 was formerly 3659), 3382 & 3831, 3383 & 3890, 3418 & 3863, 3419 & 3740, 3420 & 3645, 3421 & 3558, 3444 & 3777, 3445 & 3468, 3469 & 3592, 3470 & 3919, 3471 & 3658, 3502 & 3905, 3503 & 3600, 3520 & 3891, 3521 & 3862, 3530 & 3741, 3531 & 3830, 3548 & 3593, 3559 & 3904, 3601 & 3918, 3617 & 3776, 3621 & 3644, 3628 & 3669, 3650 & 3767.
  • The GE Rebuild cars are: 3594-3595, 3880-3881, 3892-3893, 3936-3937, 3934-3935
  • Final (but see next note) revenue service trip operated October 8, 2020 on the Z line; consist was (N) 3714- 3715+3924-3925+3706-3707+3889-3888 (S).
  • The MTA operated a real farewell for the R-32, operating four Sundays in December 2021-January 2022. The special trips were operated on the D/F lines (145th St to 2nd Ave) and the Q line (96th/2nd Ave to Brighton Beach). Since the trips were open to regular riders, Sunday, January 9, 2022 becomes the last day of public service for the venerable 1964 R-32 fleet. One pair of cars, 3360-3361, was cosmetically restored to close to original appearance, including blue doors and pantograph gates, simulated end signage, rollsigns, and number plates.


Artist conception. Collection of Phil Hom.



R-32 drawing from NYCT Revenue & Non-Revenue Car Drawings.


After the initial delivery of the "Brightliner" R-32s, the NYCT put four of the cars on display at 34th St/6th Ave. The public was invited to vote on which interior lighting and fan grill design they liked. The R-32s had thin light lines and the standard louvered fan grills. The R-32As came with light canopies which could serve to backlight advertising signs. The fan grills were also different. From a technical standpoint, the R-32As came with Westinghouse Propulsion Packages while the R-32s came with GE SCM controllers.

The R-32s are no longer referred to as R-32 and R-32As. They are currently referred to as R-32 Phase I, R-32 Phase II and R-32 GE. The R-32 Phase I cars (re-built by MK) have WABCO Air Brake packages, GE Master Controllers (Throttle) and Thermoking HVAC units. The R-32 Phase II cars (also re-built by MK) have NY Air Brake equipment, Westinghouse Master Controllers and Stone Safety HVAC units. Since the cars were sent out to overhaul based on how poorly they were performing (bad cars first) there are regular R-32s and R-32As which are Phase I and Phase II. There are also about a dozen pairs which are comprised of R-32 and R-32A mixes. One last oddity of the R-32 fleet. While the original contract of R-32s started with car #3350, there is now an R-32 sporting the #3348. This was an odd car which was converted to an 'even' car when the NYCT ended up with 2 odd cars due to a mishap.

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Image 78845

(233k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Philip D'Allesandro
Location: Bay Parkway (22nd Avenue)

Image 79788

(249k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Glenn L. Rowe
Location: 207th Street Yard

Image 80462

(250k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Glenn L. Rowe
Location: Lefferts Boulevard

Image 97496

(178k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Robert Mencher
Location: 207th Street Yard

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(233k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Christopher Henderson
Location: Euclid Avenue

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Car Notes

Green Preserved, saved for preservation,
or exists in some state
Yellow Converted to work service
(and later scrapped or still in use)
Red Wrecked/Damaged in accident (and possibly repaired),
or scrapped prior to the bulk of the type

Number Notes
... Virtually entire fleet prior to GOH received the prevalent interior orange and beige paint scheme, but the following cars were overlooked and retained their original schemes: 3436-7, 3516-7, 3946, 3949.
3348 (3659) Former car #3659 was rebuilt into an "even" car and renumbered 3348 in July 1994. 3348 is mated with 3549.

Image 70710

(169k, 788x1044)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: 34th Street/Herald Square

3353 Was on temporary display at the New York Transit Museum, July 2008.

Image 88796

(238k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Christopher Henderson
Location: New York Transit Museum

Image 88797

(251k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Roberto C. Tobar
Location: Neck Road

3360-3361 Cosmetically restored to close to original appearance, including blue doors and pantograph gates, simulated end signage, rollsigns, and number plates, and operated as one end of the final R-32 special train service in December 2021-January 2022.

Image 159581

(326k, 1220x695)
Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Manhattan Bridge

Image 159582

(331k, 1220x695)
Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Manhattan Bridge

3389 Transported to SIR Clifton Shops night of 7/26/2023 to be used as an MoW crew car.

Image 161183

(272k, 1220x574)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: SBK Yard (2nd Ave at 38th St.) (SBK)

Image 161185

(191k, 1220x574)
Photo by: John Dooley
Location: SBK Yard (2nd Ave at 38th St.) (SBK)

3432-3433 Sold to Craggy Mountain Line, a railroad museum in North Carolina (which also owns R-6-3 983). The cars were shipped from the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal on July 6, 2023.
3559, 3904 Fire damage in 53rd St. tunnel, 1996. (Air shaft grate fell on tracks causing third rail arcing when train hit it). Cars repaired and are now a mismated pair.
3616 Revenue service inactive, 36th St. Yard.
3620 Frame damaged, permanently retired. Moved to SBK yard for scrapping July 17, 2007.

Image 24469

(201k, 1044x701)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Coney Island Yard

Image 44120

(328k, 1044x699)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Coney Island Shop/Overhaul & Repair Shop

Image 71579

(264k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Michael Hodurski
Location: 3rd Avenue/38th St Crossing (Gowanus) (SBK)

3628 Collided w/AA train car #4612 at 59th Street, 3/5/1971. End smashed. Rebuilt and returned to service, paired with 3669 (ex-3668) (see below).
3629 Sideswiped by R-42 4612 (repaired) north of 168th St. 3629 was scrapped, and 3628 was coupled to 3668, converted to a compressor car and renumbered 3669 after the original 3669 was damaged in a switch split on the Franklin Ave. Shuttle north of Prospect Park. (See above and below!)

Image 4812

(210k, 1024x682)
Photo by: Steve Zabel
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Coney Island Yard

3350-3351, 3646-3647, 3888-3889, 3894-3895 Preserved for Parade of Trains use (2022) and for film-making use. Have been seen out and about various times in 2022-2023.

Image 160083

(511k, 1220x920)
Photo by: Nicholas Noel
Location: Sheepshead Bay

3651 Yard move accident - split switch in Concourse Yard in 1985. Scrapped.
3669 Derailed, hit wall, Franklin Shuttle, 12/1/1974. Massive gash in right side. Mate 3668 renumbered to 3669 and converted from "even" car to "odd" car.

Image 36087

(260k, 1024x679)
Photo by: Doug Grotjahn
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: Empire Blvd. (Malbone St.) Tunnel Portal

3766 Involved in incident 5/15/1985 on "N" train south of DeKalb Avenue. This was the second car and its leading end was badly damaged. Scrapped.
3851 Equipped early with individual guard lights for each door leaf (similar to the R-44s as delivered).
3946-3949 Originally equipped with lightweight trucks.

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