Subway FAQ: Subway Train Marker Lights

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NYCTA subway trains (and elevated trains, for that matter) had marker lights on the front indicating route and destination. The practice is now mostly discontinued (although the PATH system still uses them). Thanks to a nyc.transit post by "marcm" we have a list of IND/BMT Division marker combinations from 1976. The format for each line is destination-cab marker-opposite side marker.

Line Destination Cab Marker Opposite Marker
A Lefferts Green Green
207th Red Green
Far Rockaway Red Green
Rockaway Park Yellow Green
Round Robin Red Red
AA Chambers Green Red
168 Green Red
B Coney Island White Yellow
168 Green Yellow
Bay-Parkway Yellow Yellow
57 White Yellow
W4 Green Yellow
2-Ave Red Yellow
CC Rockaway Park Yellow Red
Bedford-Park White Red
Euclid White Red
Rockawy-Shuttle Red Red
D Coney Island White White
205 Green White
Brighton-Beach Yellow White
E Chambers Green White
179 Green White
F Coney-Island White Green
179 Green Green
Kings-Hwy Yellow Green
GG Smith-9 White Red
Continental White Red
J Broad Yellow Yellow
168 Yellow Yellow
Eastern-Pkway White Yellow
LL 8-Ave Green Red
Canarsie Green Red
Atlantic White Red
Bway-Jcn Yellow Red
M Coney-Island Green Red
Metropolitan Yellow Red
Brighton-Beach Yellow Red
Bway-Myrtle Red Red
N Coney-Island Red White
Continental White White
Kings-Hwy Green White
57 Red White
Whitehall White White
QB Coney-Island Red Yellow
Astoria Green Yellow
57 Red Yellow
RR 95-St Green Green
Astoria Green Green
36-St Red Green
Chambers White Green

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