Subway FAQ: Elevated Sections of the Subway

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Lines are described from the Manhattan Central Business District to the outer end.


Subway except the following (elevated unless noted):

  • Broadway line (1/9)
  • Jerome/Woodlawn line (4) from 157th St. to Woodlawn (with a few hundred feet of embankment around Bedford Park station)
  • White Plains Road line (2/5) from north of 149th St. station to end.
  • Dyre Avenue line (2) is on ground-level or embankment, except for a short tunnel from about midway between Gun Hill and Pelham Parkway stations, to Morris Park station.
  • Pelham Bay Line (6) from south of Whitlock Ave. station to Pelham Bay.


Subway except for the following (elevated unless noted)

  • Broadway line (1/9) from Dyckman Street to end; also a short viaduct between 135th and 122nd Streets (which includes the 125th Street Station)
  • Lenox Ave. line (3) north of 145th St. to Lenox Terminal on surface (although buildings built over top of some of the right of way).
  • Metro-North from north of 97th Street; Amtrak lines northbound from Penn Station run on ground level cut to tunnel under Riverside Park (72nd St. to 120th St.); Amtrak, NJ Transit, and LIRR have yard space on open cut level west of Penn Station.

Queens/Northern Brooklyn

Subway, except:

  • Astoria line (N) from west of Queensborough Plaza station to end.
  • Flushing Line (7) from just east of Hunters Point station to east of Willets Point station. Main Street terminal is underground.
  • Broadway Brooklyn/Jamaica/Myrtle Ave (J/Z/M) from Williamsburg Bridge to Metropolitan Ave.; and to west of 121st Street. Subway from that point to end (new Archer Avenue Subway).
  • Fulton/Rockaway (A/C) line from just west of Grant Ave. to Lefferts and to Rockaway Park and Far Rockaway.
  • The Independent Subway temporary line to the 1939-40 World's Fair was on the surface. (The only surface line built by the IND, excluding yard trackage and leads.)

Southern Brooklyn

Subway, except:

  • IND Church Ave. (F/G) line south of Carroll St. to east of 4th Ave. (This is the only elevated section of the Independent Subway, which crosses the Gowanus Canal, and it's the the highest point above the surface on the subway system.
  • Canarsie Line (L) from midway between Halsey and Wilson, and midway between Wilson and Bushwick. The southbound track is on the surface; northbound in subway. Elevated or on surface from north of Broadway Junction to Rockaway Parkway.
  • Livonia Ave.-New Lots (3) line from midway between Utica and Sutter to end.
  • West End Line (B) from between 36th St. and 9th Ave. to Coney Island.
  • Sea Beach Line (N) from west of junction with 4th Ave. line to Coney Island (open cut with tunnels and overhead bridges for cross streets)
  • Culver Line (F) from midway between Church Ave. and Ditmas to Coney Island
  • Brighton Line (D,Q) from Prospect Park to Coney Island (open cut from Prospect Park to South of Newkirk Ave., embankment to south of Sheepshead Bay, and elevated to Coney Island. The embankment portion had the LIRR tracks to the east of the line as far as Ave W.)
  • Franklin Shuttle (S) from Fulton St. to Prospect Park, open cut and elevated with tunnels at Eastern Parkway and just north of Prospect Park

PATH, Newark, SIRT

  • PATH: Subway in Jersey City and New York City, to midway between Grove St. and Journal Square. Surface or bridge viaduct to Newark.
  • Newark City Subway: Subway from Penn Station to just north of Warren St., surface or open cut to Franklin Ave.
  • Staten Island Rapid Transit: St. George terminal is on the surface, but under the approach ramps to the ferry terminal. There is a tunnel between south of St. George and north of Tompkinsville. Otherwise Tottenville line, and former South Beach and North Shore lines are surface/cut/elevated.

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