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First Annual SubTalk Seashore & Boston T Party. July 15th & 16th 2000.

Those part of the group this day were: From Seashore: Todd Glickman; Tom Santarelli (Bus Curator); Bill Pollman (Rapid Transit Curator); John Middleton (Yardmaster); Scott Hooper (Dispatcher); Doug Carrier (MOW); Danny Cohen (PCC Curator) and Operator/Conductors: Jeremy Whiteman (former New Yorker); Brian Messinger (current Long Islander); Tim Speer; and Phil Domingnez (current Brooklynite). Others there: Doug Diamond; Lou Levinson; Thurston Clark; Bill Steil (of the mid-west); David Cole (formally of Chicago, but now of Boston); Charlie Dennie (Shoreline Operator) & Nick C (only there for T Party in Boston).

Three members of the Shoreline 3/4-Ton Crew (Doug the BMT Man, Lou from Brooklyn & Thurston) overnighted at a local motel. Our Seashore host, Todd (Mr Traffic & Weather Togather) Glickman got permission to roll out their GM Fishbowl #6169, so he and a group of others from Seashore, plus David Cole of Boston rolled up to that motel about 9 AM. Bill Steil arrived at the motel just before. He had overnighted with a friend in Maine who's hobby is taking photos of lighthouses (a very nice selection of samples were passed out). We all boarded the bus and it was on to Seashore with a short stop at a local deli for some coffee and breakfast.

Our day at Seashore began with a private tour of one of their barns. Then it was time to join the first official tour of the day and take our first ride down the line. On the way back we saw another New Yorker on the line, TARS (3rd Ave) #631, sister to Shoreline #629. Now it was time for another real treat as we boarded the pair of SOAC (State of Art Car) cars. This train visited many US cities including NYC in 1974. It was US DOT's attempt to develop a universal subway/commuter rail car. The commuter car is still in good shape with carpeted floor, coffee tables, etc. After our tour of another of their barns we were invited to board Boston Elevated car #5821. Each of the visitors who were "qualified" trolley operators were treated to some "handle time" at the controller as we made some yard moves then a trip down the line just ahead of the next scheduled trip.

By now it was lunchtime, so we boarded the Fishbowl which Todd drove down the narrow streets of downtown Kennebunkport. We got some strange looks at our MBTA bus signed for Watertown and with special posters anouncing that it was a "Boston T Party" special. We grabbed lunch at a local deli then made our way back to Seashore where we made good use of their picnic grounds.

After lunch it was time to move some equipment in preparation for our IND A train run which included R-4 800 and R-7A 1440. First a former Boston T snow plow trailer needed to be moved, then road engine #300 came out (very carefully because she is a big beast--Baldwin-Westinghouse 50 ton steeple-cab). As we hooked up to a tarp-covered interurban, Todd at the controls of #300 gingerly traversed the double slip switches with their Yardmaster guiding us at "dead slow" speed.

Bill was in the process of powering up the INDs so we all boarded thru the storm door. While Bill was still getting the train ready it gave many of us the opportunity to "assume the position", i.e. standing between the cars on the Conductor's steps, grab onto the door controls and lean out from between the cars. Todd caught Doug & I on film doing this for posterity. We got down the line as far as the road crossing and a electrical problem forced Bill to split the cars & ask Todd to bring #300 to pull #800 back on the siding. Some of us took advantage of this as a photo op. It was not too long before we were on our way again for a single ride down the line. Bill notched 1440 up to a reasonable speed which we all enjoyed. At the end of the line we turned the trolley pole around and made a little better speed down hill back to our starting point. Except for the need of a little paint, 1440 is in fine shape. Bill opened the roof vents & we opened the windows so it was a cool and comfortable ride in the old girl.

As the day was getting late it was time for a quick visit to the gift shop before it closed. Then we walked over to the bus barn when the IRT Gibbs Hi-V #3352 is stored. Tom's collection of buses and related equipment is quite impressive, so it was a real treat for us to get to this normally off-limits area of the museum. During the day we saw no less then three of them crusing on the property.

Now it was time for Todd to take us back to our motel in the Fishbowl, but our day wasn't over. In about an hour several of the Seashore crew joined us for supper and some brews. Doug even got in a couple of rounds of pool before we retired for the night.

Early Sunday we were on our way as we needed to be at Park Street in Boston by 10 AM. Rain delayed us a bit, then we ended up at the wrong Bed & Breakfest on Beacon Street. Since it was only a block away from the one where our reservations were it wasn't too much of a inconvience. We sent Doug on ahead to Park Street while Lou & I checked in. Then it was only a 1/2 block walk to our Green line trolley.

Boston's rail lines are grouped by colors: Purple (commuter); Green (trolley with four branches B, C, D, & E); Red; Blue; & Orange. We did all the colors, well only Bill took the Purple to & from his motel on the Lowell line. Here is our report. The group was Bill, Lou, Doug, David, Nick C. and myself.

We walked downstairs to the Red line and caught one of the older 1700's to Ashmont where we transfered to one of the two PCCs operating to Mattapan this Sunday. It was #3265, one of the newly re-built cars. They have a few cars plus a snow plow stored at Mattapan. On the return we got off at one of the two road crossing for a photo op at Capen Street. Then it was back to Ashmont for a Red line Bombardier which got up to 49 MPH on our way the Porter station. Along the way we came up for air as we crossed the Charles River. Porter is a very deep station. We came there to take the long escalator which has a open vault design, bird theme going up & a rail theme going down.

We returned downtown to catch a Orange line Hawker-Siddeley-built train to Forest Hills. Outside this station are the remains of a trolley terminal for the "E" Green line. We walked to a point where we found the three PCCs from the "Mattapan Wreck" (#3222, 3224, & 3264). We took many photos of the facility that will soon be gone completely.

It was back to downtown and up for air again. This time we made our way to Quincy Market to mingle with the tourists and sailors in town for Op Sail 2000. We made our way thru the construction of the Big Dig to the Aquarium station on the Blue line. There is much evidence of the construction in progress from within the station. The Blue line converts from 3rd rail to overhead power as we rode to Wonderland. We found a small amusement park there, took some photos then boarded for a return trip which got up to 43 MPH.

At Government Centre we caught a Green line D "Kinki" (Kinki-Sharyo Type 7) trolley to Riverside. We wandered around the outside of the yard on the public roads and were able to spot and photograph several of the new Breda Type 8's. On the return trip we got off at Reservoir. The yard there can serve three lines (C, D & B via non-revenue tracks along Chestnut Hill Ave.). We saw a B set coming down that street which required the operator to manually throw the switch to enter the loop tracks and yard lead. Cleveland Circle is just one long block from the Reservoir stop on the D line so it was a easy change. We boarded a Boeing LRV on the Beacon Street C there and took it back to our Bed & Breakfest at St Mary's where we waited for Doug to park the car and purchase some more film.

As dusk was approaching we hurried to catch a Green line C back to the Red line and another set of 1700s to Braintree. We got up to 49 MPH on that notoriously high speed run. For the return we waited for a Bombardier set. Doug had been snapping photos as it came in so he excused himself as the Operator approached. He then asked permission to photo the cab. The operator held the door open for it then began talking to us as we left the station. So it was five of us gathered around the open door haveing the ultimate railfan view our entire way back to Downtown Crossing as darkness fell on the city.

We went upstairs at caught the Orange line to North Station. On our way to Little Italy we saw more construction for the Big Dig including the temporary Green line El tracks (the new Green line stop at North Station isn't finished yet). After walking down many of the narrow streets we setteled on Pizzeria Regina which has been there for 70 years and was one of the few eateries still open at 10 PM. Bill grabbed his pie to go since he had to make the last commuter at 11 PM.

Our last trip was down the Green line where we got off at Boylston to wait for our "C" trolley. At that station are several old PCCs and I think a Boston Evelated car. The PCC on the outbound side was a PCC Dallas Car that has been converted to a line car. The 3/4 Ton Crew arrived at about 11:30 at out B&B just 1/2 hour before they rolled the streets up ... boy did we get our money's worth out of our Day Passes!

Monday again we rose early so as to make our ferry reservation at New London at noon. We arrived a little early and were greeted with a P&W freight. Shortly thereafter a Amtrak came by for a nice photo op. They let us on the 11:30 ferry. After passing Electric Boat (the sub mfg.) and a spanish square rigger the rest of our crossing to Orient Point Long Island was very enjoyable and relaxing. We made our way to Greenport, but found that the steam museum only opens on Sundays. We did photo the turn table, caboose & snow plow "Jaws III". Next it was on to Riverhead where we found a DE30AC (not dual mode) in the station. In the yard is #39, BEDT #16 a pot belly, some MP-54s and other assorted cars. #39 is definitely not ready for prime time yet. Our last stop on the way home was at one of the local wineries where we did some sampling and purchasing.

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