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Flexity Swift SL Class A32 no. 425 on the Nockebybanan Line at Alléparken. Photo by David Pirmann, October 2010.


The Nockebybanan light rail line operates from the Green Line Tunnelbana (Metro) station at Alvik westerly to a suburban terminal at Nockeby. Its heritage dates back to 1914 and formerly ran further into central Stockholm, but the present terminal arrangement at Alvik has operated since the Metro line opened in 1952. Being operated entirely in private right of way, the Nockebybanan line survived the larger cessation of Stockholm's tram services in 1967, when the country switched to right-hand-drive road operations. The line was formerly operated with various Swedish-built "heritage" trams but after a reconstruction in 1997-1998, the line is operated solely with Bombardier Flexity Swift low-floor tramcars.

At Alvik, a cross platform transfer with the Metro is available. The station at Alvik is arranged with two island platforms and four tracks, the two outer tracks being used by the Green Line of the Tunnelbana. The Stockholm metro lines still run "left handed". If you were facing the "outbound" direction of the Metro, outbound trains would be on your left, and inbound on your right. Nockebybanan trams enter the station on the left-hand-drive side, and allow a cross platform transfer to the inbound Metro. The trams then reverse direction and utilize a mid-station crossover switch onto the left hand, outbound platform, picking up outbound passengers from the Metro. It sounds confusing but it makes perfect operational sense. Outbound Metro and Nockebybanan trains depart Alvik on the left hand side. But... the majority of the Nockebybanan line operates with "road rules", that is to say, it operates "right hand drive". Thus, a crossover is provided at the Alléparken station. Alléparken station has two platforms, one for outbound passengers and one for inbound passengers, on either side of a grade crossing with the road Västerled. Both platforms are on the geographic east side of the track. In between the two platforms is a X-crossover. This diagram might help to explain the situation.

The depot for the Nockebybanan trams is at Alvik. A switch track connecting to the depot (which is shared with the Tvärbanan light rail line and the Metro) is on the outbound side of the station at Alvik (not shown on the diagram below).


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Photo by: David Pirmann
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Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Alléparken

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