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JFK Airtrain departing Terminal 5, July 19, 2004. Photo by Peter Ehrlich.


The JFK AirTrain is an elevated people mover system serving the terminals of JFK Airport, connecting to the New York City subway and Long Island Rail Road at two locations. Construction began in 1998 and began service on December 17, 2003. It is free to ride the Airtrain between the JFK terminal stations but passengers entering or exiting at either Jamaica or Howard Beach must pay a $8.00 fare.

The trains are Bombardier Innovia driverless cars similar to the SkyTrain in Vancouver. The trains are standard-gauge but operated using linear induction motors, making the track and cars incompatible with other rail services in the area.

There are ten stations, six around the airport terminal ring (presently five; Terminal 2 station closed in 2022 with Terminal 1 station rebranded as Terminal 1 & 2), Federal Circle (serving rental car lots and other airport services), Lefferts Boulevard, Howard Beach (connection to subway "A" train), and Jamaica (connection to subway "E" and "J" trains, and LIRR). The stations are 100% ADA-accessible but some require somewhat lengthy walks to the actual terminals.

Three routes are operated: Howard Beach to the Terminal ring (counterclockwise around the ring); Jamaica to the Terminal ring (counterclockwise around the ring), and an all-Terminals loop (clockwise around the ring).

JFK Airtrain and train connections map. This map has been released into the public domain by its creator, SPUI.

Photo locations: Jamaica, Between Jamaica & Federal Circle, Howard Beach, Lefferts Blvd., Yard/Shops, Federal Circle, Between Federal Circle and Terminals, Terminal 1, Between Terminal 1 & 2/3, Terminal 2/3, Between Terminal 2/3 & 4, Terminal 4, Between Terminal 4 & 5/6, Terminal 5/6, Between Terminal 5/6 & 7, Terminal 7, Between Terminal 7 & 8/9, Terminal 8/9, (Misc/Unknown)

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Photo by: Todd Glickman
Location: Between Jamaica & Federal Circle

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Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Between Jamaica & Federal Circle

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Photo by: Filip Matuska

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Photo by: Filip Matuska
Location: Between Jamaica & Federal Circle

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Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Federal Circle

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