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NJT DLRV train crossing Rancocas Creek Bridge (bet. Riverside and Delanco). This bridge is newly built for the Riverline replacing an old Pennsylvania Railroad bridge. Photo by Lee Winson, 2005.


The River Line is a diesel light rail line connecting the cities of Camden and Trenton, New Jersey. It passes through several suburban communities on its route, including Bordentown, Burlington, Delanco, Cinnaminson, and Pennsauken. The River Line began service on Sunday, March 14, 2004, after a day of VIP runs and opening ceremonies on March 13.

The scenery is varied: street running, rural running, old abandoned factories, and railroad yards with plenty of freight cars with diesel power waiting to turn their wheels overnight.

The NJT River Line was the first system to adopt the diesel LRV vehicle. It was thought that this would inspire other transportation planners to consider it, and in fact, a handful of other cities have adopted DLRV vehicles since then, including Austin, TX. The DLRV vehicle was a less expensive way of getting service started (it did not require catenary or electric substations to be constructed) and it is thought that the lower cost might mitigate some of the other drawbacks suffered by the River Line system, namely a high number of grade crossings, and sharing operation with freight railroads.


The River Line uses Stadler GTW 2/6 DMU (diesel multiple unit) cars. The nomenclature 2/6 indicates that two of the six axles are powered. The vehicle is more than 65% low floor. Similar GTW units are in use in Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland. The River Line cars are numbered 3501-3520 and are often operated in two-car trainsets.

Station By Station

Trenton. Two tracks, two side platforms. Even though the line ends here, there are two separate platforms. Money could have been saved and convenience increased by having built a single island platform instead. Each platform has just one ticket machine which makes ticket lines longer than they could be. South/west of the station there is a small shed to keep Trenton lay-ups under cover.

Bordentown. At Bordentown there is a nice view of the marina on the Delaware River.

Riverside Riverside has a traditional small town downtown area. The new River Line service may bring the potential to gentrify the downtown into a "funky" area similar to Manayunk in Philadelphia.

Walter Rand Transportation Center (Camden). At Walter Rand TC, transfer may be made to the PATCO High-Speed Line to Philadelphia and Lindenwold. Note that this major transfer point is not the end of the line in Camden. South of Walter Rand TC there is a section of street running.

Track Map


Photo Gallery

Image 38690
(192k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: Beverly/Edgewater Park

Image 47355
(181k, 1044x700)
Photo by: Brian Weinberg
Location: Entertainment Center (Camden)

Image 48302
(173k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Walter Rand Transportation Center (Camden)

Image 48305
(155k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Trenton

Image 48307
(179k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: East Broad & Stacy/Lawrence (Burlington)

Image 67979
(37k, 940x399)
Photo by: Bob Wright
Location: Entertainment Center (Camden)

Image 87711
(136k, 800x600)
Photo by: Bob Vogel
Location: 32nd St. Yard/Conrail Shared Assets Pavonia Yard

Image 87712
(91k, 800x600)
Photo by: Bob Vogel
Location: 32nd St. Yard/Conrail Shared Assets Pavonia Yard

Image 96222
(268k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Chris Reidy
Location: Bordentown

Image 96239
(95k, 798x594)
Photo by: Bob Vogel
Location: Cooper Street/Rutgers University (Camden)

Image 101996
(91k, 640x462)
Photo by: Lee Winson
Location: Rancocas Creek Bridge (bet. Riverside and Delanco)

Image 103796
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Photo by: Brian J. Cudahy

Image 103799
(153k, 640x480)
Photo by: Brian J. Cudahy
Location: Burlington Towne Center

Image 113856
(247k, 1044x652)
Photo by: Lee Winson
Location: Bordentown

Image 141235
(389k, 1044x703)
Photo by: Lee Winson
Location: Pennsauken Transit Center

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