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San Francisco MUNI Cable Car 5 on Hyde Street between Chestnut & Francisco. Photo by David Pirmann, July 1998.


Cable Car Facts
 Single Ended Car (Nos. 1-28)Double Ended Car (Nos. 49-60)
Length, Over Bumpers27 feet30 feet 5 inches
Length, Interior Space12 feet10 feet 7 inches
Length, Exterior Space15 feet9 feet
Width, Over Steps7 feet 10 inches8 feet
Weight12,180 lbs11,500 lbs
Height10 feet 3 inches10 feet 3 inches
Truck Center11 feet 8 inches19 feet
Track Gauge3.6 feet3.6 feet
Steepest Grades
Powell-Mason Line: Powell Street between Bush and Pine, 17.5%
Powell-Hyde Line: Hyde Street between Bay and Francisco, 21.3%
California Line: California Street between Grant and Stockton, 18.2%

Track Map



Number Notes
1 Built new 1973.
2 Former number 502.
3 Former number 503.
4 Built new 1994.
5 Former number 505.
6 Rebuilt 1965.
7 Former number 507.
8 Former number 508. Being rebuilt by MUNI in 2002.
9 Built new 1997.
10 Former number 510.
11 Former number 511. Being rebuilt by MUNI in 2002.
12 Former number 512. Suffered accident in 1984 and rebuilt.
13 Built new in 1991.
14 Built new in 1964, former number 514.
15 Former number 515.
16 Built new (with original roof) in 1990. Earlier car 16 was original 516 after renumbering in 1973.
17 Former number 517.
18 Built new in 1961, formerly number 518.
19 Built new in 1986; former number 519 retired.
20 Former number 520.
21 Built new in 1992. Former number 521 retired.
22 Former number 522.
23 Former number 523.
24 Former number 524.
25 Former number 525.
26 Former number 526.
27 Former number 527.
28 Former number 501; retired. A new number 28 is being built new by MUNI in 2002.

Photo Gallery

Image 16277
(189k, 1044x702)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Hyde Turntable

Image 16327
(336k, 1024x683)
Photo by: C.G. Parsons
Collection of: David Pirmann
Location: Hyde Turntable

Image 41546
(251k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: Powell bet. Pine & Bush

Image 43546
(229k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Eli Dardis
Location: Powell/Clay

Image 43547
(276k, 1044x788)
Photo by: Eli Dardis
Location: California/Market/Drumm

Image 49597
(69k, 640x480)
Photo by: Oren H.
Location: California/Market/Drumm

Image 51763
(230k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Powell/Sutter

Image 85458
(193k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: MUNI Cable Car Barn/Museum

Image 85464
(218k, 864x574)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Powell/Geary

Image 102492
(320k, 930x706)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Washington/Mason

Image 102495
(267k, 930x618)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Washington/Mason

Image 102531
(245k, 930x611)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Powell/Ellis

Image 102565
(230k, 930x618)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: Jackson/Mason

Image 102585
(220k, 580x864)
Photo by: Peter Ehrlich
Location: California/Stockton

Image 112666
(255k, 1044x701)
Photo by: Richard Panse
Location: Powell/California

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Photos By Location

California Street Line

California/Market/Drumm, California/Davis, California/Front, California/Battery, California/Sansome, California/Montgomery, California/Kearny, California/Grant, California/Stockton, California/Powell, California/Mason, California/Taylor, California/Jones, California/Leavenworth, California/Hyde, California/Larkin, California/Polk, California/Van Ness, California St. Line-Loc. Unknown

Powell Street Line

Powell/Market (Hallidie Plaza Turntable), Powell/Ellis, Powell/O'Farrell, Powell bet. O'Farrell & Geary, Powell/Geary, Powell bet. Geary & Post (Westin St. Francis/Union Sq.), Powell/Post, Powell bet. Post & Sutter, Powell/Sutter, Powell/Bush, Powell bet. Pine & Bush, Powell/Pine, Powell/California, Powell/Sacramento, Powell/Clay, Powell/Washington, Powell/Jackson, Powell St. Line-Loc. Unknown

Mason Street Line

Mason/Jackson, Mason/Washington, Mason/Pacific, Mason/Broadway, Mason/Vallejo, Mason/Green, Mason/Union, Mason/Filbert, Mason/Greenwich, Columbus/Lombard, Columbus/Chestnut/Taylor, Taylor/Francisco, Taylor/Bay Turntable, Mason St. Line-Loc. Unknown

Hyde Street Line

Jackson/Mason, Washington/Mason, Jackson/Taylor, Washington/Taylor, Jackson/Jones, Washington/Jones, Jackson/Leavenworth, Washington/Leavenworth, Jackson/Hyde, Washington/Hyde, Hyde/Pacific, Hyde/Broadway, Hyde/Vallejo, Hyde/Green, Hyde/Union, Hyde/Filbert, Hyde/Greenwich, Hyde/Lombard, Hyde bet. Lombard & Chestnut, Hyde/Chestnut, Hyde bet. Chestnut & Francisco, Hyde/Francisco, Hyde bet. Francisco & Bay, Hyde/Bay, Hyde/North Point, Hyde/Beach, Hyde Turntable, Hyde St. Line-Loc. Unknown

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