Wiki-ized Main Page

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Welcome to the new "wiki-ized" version of the nycsubway.org home page. From feedback I have received, the new styling of the site seems to be well-received. I hope you all like it. There's still a few more articles that have to be converted but that process is almost complete.

(Edited to add: After posting this, I did get one anonymous feedback saying they didn't like the new main page and that one day wasn't enough research to decide whether people liked it. I was speaking of the entire site, which I started to convert in May, and there's been over 1,000,000 page views from the wiki since then. True, I didn't do any "research" but I did receive several positive feedbacks and no negative feedbacks. In this day when it is usually just the ones with complaints who speak up, I interpreted that as a pretty positive result. I will continue to tweak the Main Page to make it a little bit more friendly looking.)

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