Treasures of New York - Art Underground

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Treasures of New York - Art Underground has been airing on New York City-area PBS stations this month. I finally got a chance to see it this week. It's a great look at the MTA Arts for Transit program and new and old installations around the subway. There are interviews with Sandra Bloodworth (MTA Arts for Transit director), Bill Brand ("Masstransiscope"), Andrea Deszö ("Community Garden"), Elizabeth Murray ("Blooming"), and several others. It looks at how the MTA Arts for Transit program was instrumental in the station renovations of the 1980s, particularly featuring Milton Glaser's "Untitled" at Astor Place, and how his piece echos the design elements of Heins & LaFarge for the original IRT stations.

A long segment included a look at how artworks make their way from artist's concepts to installation, featuring Jason Middlebrook's "Brooklyn Seeds" in mosaic tile, Xin Song's "Tree of Life", photo artwork laminated in glass, and Andrea Deszö's "Nature Rail", in cut stainless steel. Another segment featured an interview with artist Tom Otterness and a close up look at his process for creating, and installation of, the well known "Life Underground".

Having been keeping track of artworks installed in the subway for some time, with help of the many photo contributors to this site, this was a great behind the scenes look at the artwork in the subway system.

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