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Subway Signals: A Complete Guide
Descriptions and illustrations of subway signals and marker signs, including a full tutorial about subway train signalling as used in the New York City Subway. If you ever wanted to know what the signals mean or how the track switches and signals interact, this is the guide for you.
frflag.gif Les signaux du New York City Subway (Ce document également disponible en français)

Power Generation

Rotary Converter Power Technology
What is a Rotary Converter? A look at how rotary converter technology works and how it was used in the New York subway system, by Bernard S. Greenberg.

IRT Substation 21
A 1996 field trip to IRT Substation #21 in Brooklyn.

Other New York Transit Substations
Some photos of other substations around New York City Transit.

The Interborough Power Plant
Reports from the New York Times, Scientific American, and Electric Railway Journal describing the construction, outfitting, capabilities, and upgrades to the Interborugh's power house.

The New York Subway: Its Construction and Equipment (1904)
This book includes a 1904 description of the IRT subway's power house, power plant, and system of electrical supply.

Tokens and Fare Control

Fare Collection in the Subway
Learn about the history of the turnstile in the New York subway system.

New York City Subway Tokens
A history of the dates and fares of the subway token system.

Commemorative Tokens and Medals
A review of commemorative medals and fare tokens presented by collector and researcher George Cuhaj.

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