Artwork: 7 waves 4 twenty eight (Gerald Marks)

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Location: 28th Street · Installed: 1996

A computer-animated 3-D seascape mural. "The mural will be built into glass blocks in which the curvature of the glass inside the block forms cylindrical lenses... [the lens-like] properties of the block along with the appropriate lights, projectors, lenses, filters, in the space behind the wall [will be used] to create a 3-D illusion art display. The mural will appear to move as you ride into the station." Sources: pulltime3d.com, pulltime3d.com.

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(72k, 750x562)
Photo by: Robbie Rosenfeld
Location: 28th Street
Artwork: 7 waves 4 twenty eight (Gerald Marks)

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