Salaam Allah's Subway Videos

Salaam Allah's Subway Videos
Revised March 22, 2000

By Salaam W. Allah
( salaamallah@hotmail.com)

Subway videos featuring cab views are available as follows:

  • #1: Flushing #7 Line, November 1999. Features day and night views of the entire line back and forth, and passing trains of redbird cars. The night views are not typically seen on railfan videos! Approximately 6 hours long.

  • #2: Dyre Ave. #5 Line, November 1999 and March 2000. Views of the Dyre Ave line. Approximately 6 hours long.

  • #3: Redbirds on the #2. Four hours of views of redbirds on the #2/#5 lines in the Bronx.

  • #4: Museum Trains (and E train). Views of the museum trains and cab ride on the "E". Approximately 4 hours long.

  • #5: Q and A Trains. Six hours of views on the line to Far Rockaway and the Brighton Line.

  • #6: L and J Trains. Four hours of views on the BMT Eastern Division lines (plus a bonus).
  • #7: Cab View on Los Angeles Blue Line.
  • Coming soon: More views of the Los Angeles rail lines, San Diego trolley, and Detroit People Mover.

All Tapes $20.00 including shipping. Order from:

Mr. Salaam W. Allah
460 West Montana Street
Pasadena, California, 91103
Phone: +1 626-794-4503
Email: salaamallah@hotmail.com

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