Subway FAQ: Three-Track Portions of the Subway

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Listing of 3-track lines in operation today, both revenue and non-revenue.

  1. #1 - 242/VCP South to just North of Dyckman St, then from 145th St. to just North of 96th St., Bronx/Manhattan.
  2. #2/#5 - From just South of the 241th St. terminus all the way to 3rd Ave (just East of the 3rd Ave. stn.)
  3. #4 - From Woodlawn (south of the stn.) to 138th St. Grand Concourse
  4. #5 - From South of Dyre Ave to south of Morris Park (trackways for 4 tracks but only 3 in place)
  5. #6 - Pelham Bay Park to 138th St-3rd Ave, Bronx
  6. #7 - West of 33rd/Rawson to Main Street, All Queens
  7. A - From the Pitkin Ave. yard lead Eastbound to Lefferts Blvd (with a slight interruption just at the Rockaways turnouts East of the Rockaway Blvd. station).
  8. B - From 9th Ave. to Bay 50th St., Brooklyn
  9. B/D Concourse - 145th Street, Manhattan to Bedford Park Blvd, Bronx
  10. F - Ditmas Avenue to Avenue X, All Brooklyn
  11. J/M/Z- Eastern Parkway to Marcy Avenue, All Brooklyn
  12. N - Queensboro Plaza to Ditmars Blvd, All Queens
  13. G - The station at Bedford-Nostrand has three tracks. This is just before the line turns north, an obvious planned eastward extension towards Broadway.
  14. The 42nd Street shuttle is operationally three tracks, with a fourth disused trackway.

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