Subway FAQ: How New Subway Cars Are Delivered

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Currently, the R142A and R143 Kawasaki cars are being delivered by flatbed truck to the 207th Street Yard in Manhattan where they are loaded onto the tracks and towed by diesel locomotive to their prepping location (East 180th Street Yard for the R142A's and East New York Yard for the R143's).

The Bombardier R142 cars are being delivered by train from their facility in Plattsburgh, New York, via Oak Point Yard in the Bronx. They are towed over the Hell Gate Bridge and onto the Bay Ridge branch of the LIRR, where there is a connection to the IRT Livonia Avenue line in Linden Yard. Service into Livonia Yard is provided by the New York & Atlantic Railway, and from there, the cars are towed by NYCTA diesel locomovtive to East 180th Street Yard in the Bronx.

In the past, subway cars being delivered, refurbished, or sent out for scrapping often travelled through a railroad connection to the BMT West End line at 9th Avenue called the South Brooklyn Railway, or SBK. Diesel locomotives are used to haul cars into the Bush Terminal warehouse area. The SBK crossed 3rd Avenue by the Costco warehouse store and and connects to a railway on the waterfront referred to as the NY Cross Harbor Railroad. Subway cars would travel by barge to Jersey City (Greenville) NJ and from there onto the railroad network.

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