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(197k, 1044x788)<br><b>Country:</b> United States<br><b>City:</b> New York<br><b>System:</b> New York City Transit<br><b>Line:</b> IND Crosstown Line<br><b>Location:</b> Bergen Street-Lower Level<br><b>Route:</b> A<br><b>Car:</b> R-44 (St. Louis, 1971-73) 5328 <br><b>Photo by:</b> Robert Mencher<br><b>Date:</b> 4/4/2009<br><b>Notes:</b> Short turn A turnback due to G.O.<br><b>Viewed (this week/total):</b> 0 / 3383

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(197k, 1044x788)
Country: United States
City: New York
System: New York City Transit
Line: IND Crosstown Line
Location: Bergen Street-Lower Level
Route: A
Car: R-44 (St. Louis, 1971-73) 5328
Photo by: Robert Mencher
Date: 4/4/2009
Notes: Short turn A turnback due to G.O.
Viewed (this week/total): 0 / 3383