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Station: 225th Street (IRT West Side Line)

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IRT West Side Line

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Opened: 1/27/1907

Local station with three tracks and two side platforms. No station house in the northbound direction. Northbound entrance is via Metrocard High Entrance/Exit Turnstiles only. No crossover or crossunder.

The south end of the station is directly attached to the Broadway Bridge over the Harlem River Ship Canal. In 1960, it was determined that the existing Broadway Bridge (which opened in 1905 as part of the subway extension work), was inadequate and would have to be replaced. A new bridge was designed which doubled roadway capacity and added a third subway track across the river. The new bridge would have a navigable channel 304 feet wide, more than triple the width of the 1905 bridge and would have a vertical clearance of 136 feet. On December 23, 1960, train service was suspended, and the next day the old bridge was cut out and floated down river for scrapping. The new bridge had been preassembled offsite, and was floated and hoisted into position on Christmas Day. Subway trains resumed service on December 26th! However, it was months before the roadway portions were completed and four full years before the bridge was lifted for the first time.

The stations at 207th St., 215th St., 225th St. and 231st St. feature a common cast concrete artwork entitled Elevated Nature, created in 1991 by artist Wopo Holup.

The line of the original Harlem River is preserved in the street pattern in Marble Hill just north of the station. The river flowed in an oxbow curve between 228th Street and 230th Street on the north and between Johnson Avenue and Terrace View Avenue on the west. Since the river was the original delimeter between Manhattan and the Bronx, that puts Marble Hill and the 225th St. Station politically in Manhattan. The canal was built in 1895 and the original river bed was filled in in 1914.

This station replaces an original one at 230th Street and Bailey Avenue, adjacent to the New York Central's Putnam Division station. The Putnam Division terminated here; the idea was to let riders from the upper Bronx and Westchester County use the IRT to continue into the city. But, the Putnam, lacking a Manhattan terminal of its own, suffered the same fate as the [[New York, Westchester, and Boston]]. It saw little business and it steadily dwindled out of existence. By 1907 the IRT was extended to 242nd Street and the original last stop was removed. The New York Central placed a station just to the west of the IRT's station along West 225th Street. The transfer with today's Metro-North Hudson line trains is not very convenient, but Metro-North trains can be short ended here in case of blockage farther south. Riders are discharged and sent a block or two and up long stairs to 225th Street station.


Elevated Nature I-IV, Wopo Holup (1991)

Photo Gallery

Image 3144
(178k, 1024x661)
Photo by: Joe Testagrose
Location: 225th Street

Image 6131
(180k, 1044x788)
Photo by: David Pirmann
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 28510
(69k, 429x407)
Photo by: Cameron W. Reed
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 30579
(368k, 1044x713)
Collection of: David Pirmann
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 39045
(213k, 1024x681)
Collection of: Joe Testagrose
Location: 225th Street

Image 43075
(141k, 1044x787)
Photo by: Stuart Gitlow
Location: 225th Street

Image 57320
(118k, 820x553)
Photo by: Kenneth Palter
Collection of: Bill Palter
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 57331
(97k, 820x553)
Photo by: Kenneth Palter
Collection of: Bill Palter
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 57336
(83k, 820x553)
Photo by: Kenneth Palter
Collection of: Bill Palter
Location: Broadway Bridge

Image 62392
(197k, 1044x788)
Photo by: John Barnes
Location: 225th Street

Image 93339
(177k, 1044x727)
Photo by: Joel Shanus
Location: 225th Street

Image 101103
(173k, 820x620)
Photo by: Jorge Catayi
Location: 225th Street

Image 114360
(264k, 1024x839)
Collection of: George Conrad Collection
Location: 225th Street

Image 118861
(90k, 800x600)
Photo by: Steven Cruz
Location: 225th Street

Image 132593
(149k, 800x538)
Collection of: Frank Pfuhler
Location: 225th Street

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